"What's Your Story?" with Hannah and Stephani

Tracey Webb - Loving My Gay Son Like Jesus Does

January 30, 2022 Stephani Cook and Hannah Conway Season 4 Episode 5
"What's Your Story?" with Hannah and Stephani
Tracey Webb - Loving My Gay Son Like Jesus Does
Show Notes

On today’s episode, we are excited to welcome Tracey Webb. Tracey recently published her first book, The Blossom Project,  which is a 30 day devotional designed to help the reader spend time with the Master Gardner. Tracey has hosted an in home Bible study called the "Fun Not Boring Bible Study" for more than 10 years and she is the proud mom of adult sons Caleb and Joshua. 

Growing up a church girl, Tracey never knew how much she would need to lean on her faith in later years as she would find herself on the outside of the church culture looking in through a divorce and learning the best way to love and support her gay son while still remaining true to her faith.

Today’s conversation is so important around the topics of love, empathy, grace and forgiveness and we are incredibly grateful for Tracey’s transparency and vulnerability as we learn from her.  

We also ask for grace as we realize we likely didn’t get everything right in this conversation - but we hope that above all we demonstrated the love of Jesus and our errors will be charged more to our ignorance than anything else. 

To connect with Tracey you can e-mail her webbt@apsu.edu. You can purchase The Blossom Project on Amazon using this link:


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