"What's Your Story?" with Hannah and Stephani

Amy Baker - We All Have a Ministry

May 22, 2022 Stephani Cook and Hannah Conway Season 3 Episode 21
"What's Your Story?" with Hannah and Stephani
Amy Baker - We All Have a Ministry
Show Notes

Although we often host authors and speakers, most of our very favorite episodes are those with women who are incredibly nervous to share their stories with us because of their humility and tender hearts. Today’s guest definitely fits that mold. 

Amy Baker is Clarksville famous for loving on others through her baking. She shows up with a fudge pie or other delicious treat during times when many of us have no idea what to say or do. Amy is too humble to call what she does ministry, but Hannah and I would have to argue. That is exactly what it is. 

We hope that by hearing our conversation with Amy you might think of how God wants to use your gifts to love others well.

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Hannah Conway is a Lifeway author, a speaker and a women's ministry director in her local church. To connect with Hannah visit http://www.hannahrconway.com or follow her on Social Media:
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Stephani Cook is an Enneagram life coach, speaker, podcast host and the creator of On Purpose Coaching. Through On Purpose Coaching she helps others to improve relationships and to discover intentional abundant living. To connect with Stephani or for more information about the On Purpose Live Event visit http://www.stephanicook.org or follow her on Social Media:

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