"What's Your Story?" with Hannah and Stephani

Let's Talk About When Jesus Prays for Us - John 17

April 03, 2022 Stephani Cook and Hannah Conway Season 3 Episode 14
"What's Your Story?" with Hannah and Stephani
Let's Talk About When Jesus Prays for Us - John 17
Show Notes

Since we became friends one of the things that Hannah and I have regularly done is to share  honest discussions around scripture… and we thought it might be helpful to let you in on our conversations from time to time. We pray that our listeners will hear these “let’s talk about” episodes as just two pals seeking to learn more about the Savior and to grow in their faith. We hope that through hearing our takeaways, questions, difficulties, transparency and often awe of a God who is more than we can think or imagine, you are also encouraged as we all continue to work out our faith this side of Heaven. 

Today’s episode comes from John 17 - when Jesus prayed for himself, for his disciples and all future believers during the Last Supper.  We hope you’ll take the time to read this passage during your own time with the Lord and share your takeaways with us too! We love to hear from our listeners. 

Here are a few recommendations for apps and websites to help you with reading Scripture:





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