"What's Your Story?" with Hannah and Stephani

Let's Talk About the Story of Hagar - Genesis 16 and 21

February 20, 2022 Stephani Cook and Hannah Conway Season 4 Episode 8
"What's Your Story?" with Hannah and Stephani
Let's Talk About the Story of Hagar - Genesis 16 and 21
Show Notes

On this week’s episode, we are doing something a little bit different. Our vision for the podcast has always been to help you see your story as one that has the fingerprint of God all over it. the Bible is full of stories of real life people, just like us…who also run from God’s calling, make bad decisions, try to hide from God, fight with one another, feel shame and guilt and all of the things we might wrestle with when we think about how our lives can bring honor to God. And yet, he uses every single story.  

We love Scripture and we want to share some of the Bible stories that we’ve found to be helpful as we navigate life between two gardens and let you listen on on real life conversations that we have frequently as we discuss what God is showing us in His word. 

Today we will consider the story of Hagar from Genesis chapters 16 and 21. We encourage you to read through that story on your own and hope that our discussion is helpful as you think about your own story. 

Takeaways to consider:

1) Where have you come from and where are you going?
2) Has God given you the green light to keep running or He is calling you back to where you came from?
3) God will open your eyes to a way out. Often it is something you've never seen before or has been there all along and you just haven't noticed.
4) Mean girls aren't a new thing - and God sometimes uses mean girls.
5) Often things are not as they seem. God sees what we do not.

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